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Work completed at One Trick Pony


Our goal was to elevate the hotel stay experience. We brought all of the excitement and unique elements of the Virgin Brand experience that users have come to love, and put it into an app. Lucy is your personal comfort assistant, helping you with everything from ordering late night food to changing the channel on the tv, finding out what is going on in the city you're staying, to simply changing the thermostat without leaving your bed. This app is customized to fit your needs and works seamlessly through your personal mobile phone or tablet, as well as your hotel TV. I was the lead designer on this project and completed it in a series of 22 sprints. We worked with Lufthansa development team in Germany to bring this project to completion.



Starting with a construction site in 2013, my team and I were tasked with bringing Virgin Hotels to life. Our team has continued to shake up the excitement of this constantly-evolving brand as each hotel location gets announced, restaurants open and new events pop up. We built a functional website with the ability to scale over decades from one single Chicago hotel in 2013 to 10 currently announced locations across the United States, and goals to open around the world in the next 15 years. We keep global elements consistent while breaking the rules here and there to cater to each unique location and branded entertainment space within each hotel.



My team and I designed a hotel membership experience that is actually fun. We ask guests questions about their pet, favorite food and nickname. The team at Virgin Hotels takes these responses and creates a one of a kind experience in your room upon your arrival. If you mentioned you love ducks, you might just find your mini fridge full of rubber ducks! The Know members also get a monthly email with member only hotel deals and events.

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